Just a note to let you know that Patchwork is featured on the new “Give a Girl a Chance” CD, which benefits The Tenderness Tour which was founded by Richard Propes, who, by the way, is the man responsible for Rick and Holly meeting.
This is a wonderful compilation of 19 songs featuring, besides Patchwork, Carrie Newcomer, Dean Phelps, The Trust Project, and many others.  It’s certainly a worthy addition to any music collection!

If you’re in the Indianapolis area, the CD Release Party, featuring performances by several of the artist, will be held on Sunday afternoon, June 14th, at 2PM, and the Northview Church of the Brethren, 4555 E 46th Street, in Indianapolis!  Come on out and join us!


I got word yesterday that one of my favorite independent restaurants/music venues is closing it’s doors.

The Battleground General Store and Diner in Battle Ground, Indiana, was a truly delightful place. Their food was outstanding, their service was great, and they had live music on the weekends.

Battleground is a small town not to far from West Lafayette, home of Purdue University. The times we were there, we’d see folks ranging from local farmers to university professors, enjoying the food and music.

But they just couldn’t compete. Even though their prices were reasonable, and the food was outstanding, one of the things that led to their demise was that there were so many restaurants on the interstate exits nearby, they just weren’t getting the business they needed to stay open.

That’s exactly one of the reasons we’re taking this trip and making this documentary. To see what’s happening to small town America, to those businesses and cultures that aren’t right on the interstate.

I could go on and on, but, to me…I think much of America has lost it’s sense of adventure, mostly because we’ve become lazy. We miss so much simply because it’s so convenient to stop at an exit and grab a burger.

This weekend, Holly and I are headed to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. And one of the things we’re going to be doing is exploring life on the back roads, off of the interstate. Kind of a precursor to what we’ll be doing on Route 66.

This Memorial Day weekend, I would like to suggest to you to do the same…get off the highway and travel the back roads for a while.

You won’t be sorry.

We’ve added Sedona, Arizona to our list of stops.  We’ll be appearing at the Gypsy Lounge, part of Ken’s Creekside on September 14th or 15th…we’re still figuring out the routing for that trip, and will post the exact date as soon as we get the routing/timing figured out.
Welcome, Ken’s, to the list of Indy Kicks It stops!

We’ve just added two songs to our MySpace page.  We’ve added “Freight Train” by Patchwork, which comes off Patchwork’s debut CD called “Patchwork” and also is featured on the compilation  “Goin’ Back Home…The Best of American Folk Music”.  We’ve also added Mandy Marie’s “Dashboard Dust”…a wonderful tribute to her grandfather that comes off of Mandy’s CD  “..A Guitar and a Grin”  We hope you’ll go check them out!  the Indy Kicks It MySpace page is at .  And, if you are on MySpace…we hope you’ll add us as a friend!

Here’s a photo of our Indy Kicks It pathtag…if you’re a Geocacher, you know what a Pathtag is.  If you’re not…they make great zipper pulls, charms, or other great trinkets.  These are made of nickel and about the size of a quarter.  On the reverse side are the words “Route 66”.

These are already in production and will be offered for sale when they’re in our hands, in roughly 4 weeks.  As an added bonus, each person that purchases one will receive a mention in the credits of the documentary that is coming out of this trip!  Interested in getting one of these limited edition collectibles?  Watch this blog or our MySpace page for an announcement when they’re available.

In 1954, Wanda Jackson was a high shool student when country legend Hank Thompson heard her singing on an Oklahoma City radio station, and invited her to record with his band.  And the career of a legend was born.
For the next 50(!) years, Wanda has toured and recorded all over the world, becoming one of the world’s best loved country and rockabilly singers.
In 2009, Wanda is being inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in Cleveland, Ohio and our own Mandy Marie of the Indy Kicks It tour, is playing for her induction!
Mandy says she’s  “Super excited” about this opportunity, and all of us are excited for her.  Mandy, you go girl!!!  And bring back some good stories for us!

To learn more about Wanda Jackson, here is her web site. And, here is Mandy’s MySpace page.

Mandy, you go girl!  We’re all proud of you!

On Wednesday evening, the members of the crew met at the Red Key Tavern in Indianapolis for a planning meeting.  We discussed the route, merchandise for the trip, and contacts in various towns.

Our first stop will be in Chicago on September 9th, and we’ll meander down the route for the next couple of days, before playing dates in Cuba, Lebanon, and Strafford Missouri.  We’ll leave Strafford on Sunday morning, the 13th of September, and head to Oklahoma City, where we’ll be Sunday night.  The next day, it’s off to Amarillo Texas.

Our MySpace page is taking shape, and Holly, Mandy, and Rick will have their first official rehearsal on Tuesday of next week.

We’re all so excited about the tour, sharing our music with the folks we meet, and hearing their stories!  And, it looks like we might be in store for an old fashioned barn dance/hoedown in Missouri!

Here are a couple of pictures from the meeting:

Gabrielle and Mandy pouring over the map...

Gabrielle and Mandy pouring over the map...

L-R Gabrielle Price, photojournalist, Mandy Marie, Danny Thompson  (Mandy's hubby), Holly Jae Smith, Rick Garrett

L-R Gabrielle Price, photojournalist, Mandy Marie, Danny Thompson (Mandy's hubby), Holly Jae Smith, Rick Garrett

We’ve booked our first two shows along the way…if you’re in the area, we’d love to have you join us!

Friday Night, September 11th and Saturday Morning, September 12th:

Route 66 Museum, Lebanon, Missouri

Saturday Afternoon and Evening, September 12th:

The Great Route 66 Festival, Strafford, Missouri

Hope you’ll come out and join us for some music and storytelling!  We’d love to meet you!

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