Holly and I were playing a gig last week and met a delightful older couple, who I take to be somewhere in their 80s.  When we told them of our upcoming tour, they told us that in 1941 they had driven the road in a 1937 Plymouth.  The wife is, apparently, a stickler for records and kept records of the entire trip.  They made the entire trip..gas, meals, lodging, for $38.68.  They told us gas was 12 cents a gallon, Motels a buck or two a night, and meals around a dollar.
My, how times change.  They made the entire trip for what it takes to fill our van with one tank of gas.  We’re looking forward to seeing them soon, hearing their memories of the road, and maybe even seeing some pictures.

That’s what this trip is all about….making and sharing memories!